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The District



A land where crime never sleeps, where the region’s worst criminals ran for their last bastion of sanctuary.

And a place that sits too close to home.

This is Singapore’s Sin City with a different name.

They call it The District.

In 2010, a land swap deal that ended an impasse of twenty years over the points of agreement was signed between Singapore and Malaysia. A historical moment for both countries as three plots of former Malayan Railway land and three additional plots in Bukit Timah were exchanged for four land parcels in Marina South and two parcels in Ophir-Rochor. While all attention was focused on this landmark deal of the century, no one paid attention to another plot of land located in the north of the island of Singapore.

One that still remains unclaimed.

For years the government of both countries chose to turn a blind eye to the cowboy town, leaving it to its own demise. However, when the population of the District grew to a proportion that threatens to overspill and affect the way of life and order within the country itself, certain measures needed to be taken.


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