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The Beast Within Book Two



The island city-state of Singapore or some like to call it, The Garden City.

A global financial centre at the heart of South-East Asia and free from natural disasters due to its geological position, this First-World country is also known as one of the safest in the world due to its strict laws and severe punishments for crimes that might seem petty to other countries. However, no systems are ever perfect, there will always be those who manage to slip through the cracks of justice using means such as money, power and connections, and it is often that these psychopaths are the ones who commit the sickest crimes. To combat such atrocities, the country’s countermeasures were its very own, Shadow Operatives.

Jeffrey (Jeff) Wong, callsign ‘Hibiki’ has never failed or refused any projects assigned to him. With the flawless execution of his targets, Jeff’s killstreaks outshine all his peers giving him the coveted top spot within the organization. 

With their brotherly bond, Jeff places absolute trust in his boss, Owen, believing that every target assigned is a target deserved, but when a project calls for the combined efforts of the agency’s finest to assassinate a pregnant Japanese woman with a four-year-old daughter, even the strongest faith will be shaken.


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