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Magic – First Arc

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Joel’s parents are driven to suicide after losing everything to a conman and his fake magical stones.

That was the fate of Joel’s parents when he was sixteen and it became his sole motivation for becoming a police officer in the anti-scam division. The painful reminder of his parent’s demise was the reason Joel’s perception of life lies strictly in science and not in made-up fantasies.

As a police officer, Joel has dealt with his fair share of scams while performing his duties. From magic stones and fake charms to phone scams, Joel has always successfully debunked all of them. However, his world is about to be turned upside down when he meets Fong and his daughter Kristin.

Join Joel in his adventure as he tumbles down the rabbit hole into a world hidden right under our very noses. A world where the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air & space are wielded by families and clans in modern-day Singapore.

In the world of Magic, not everything can be explained by science.


1 review for Magic – First Arc

  1. John tan

    I came to this website from sensualsingapore. The first few parts were honestly really interesting

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